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ITAM / SAM Blueprints
(Best Practice Analysis, Strategic, Tactical, Remediation, Metrics, KPIS, Scorecards)

Business Process Development and Automation
(Lifecycle, Administrative, Business/Value Processes)

Software Audit Preparation and Response Support
(Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Other Publishers)

Complete ITAM / SAM Solution Implementation
(Processes, Policies, Technologies)

Physical Inventory
(Asset Tagging, Baseline, Reconciliation, Spot Audit, Hand-Held Scan Technologies)

Continual Service Improvement
(Formalized CSI Improvement, Coaching/Mentoring Programs)

Tool Selection Assistance
(Repository, Discovery/Scanning, Usage, RFI/RFP Process Support)

Tool Implementation
(Installation, Customization, Integration, Workflows, Automation)