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For Immediate Release (June 18, 2006):

Contact: Alison Schirone
Phone: (781) 293 9522


Accurate, updated information on IT assets helps organizations restart operations in event of disaster

(Tampa, FL) TekMethods, a leading provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) consulting services and solutions, today announced plans to step up its focus on assisting organizations as part of business continuity planning. TekMethods actively provides ITAM solutions to organizations to support their business continuity in case of emergencies. With the hurricane season now in full swing and the memory of last year’s record-breaking storms fresh on everyone’s mind, TekMethods is ramping up this effort.

TekMethods’ IT Asset Management experts and services help organizations develop and maintain internal solutions (including both processes and tools) needed to accurately assess and monitor their technology investments from requisitioning to end-of-life, including intangible property such as software licenses. This up-to-date IT Asset Management information plays a vital role in business continuity planning by arming companies with a complete inventory of IT assets so that they can recreate their business environments, replace lost IT assets and get back to business as quickly as possible. Additionally, organizations can use IT asset information to compile detailed and accurate reports on the value of lost equipment that can then be provided to insurance carriers for a faster and more accurate claim.

"IT Asset Management has become an important consideration in business continuity planning, and TekMethods offers the necessary services, support and counsel that enables organizations to closely track IT assets," said Lori Sechio, founder and CEO of TekMethods. "Companies invest a great deal of money in software and hardware technology. If an accurate account of those assets is not available when a disaster occurs, that investment can be lost. TekMethods can help an organization mitigate that risk and make it much easier to deal with the aftermath."

TekMethods’ ITAM solutions track any changes to IT assets; whether it is configuration, location, end-user, costs, warranty, or type of ownership. TekMethods utilizes a comprehensive methodology that surpasses "software only" solutions by combining expert counsel with proven technology innovation and business process solutions. TekMethods is solely focused on ITAM, unlike large IT vendors and consulting services companies for whom ITAM is not a core competency.

About TekMethods
TekMethods provides a portfolio of multi-faceted IT asset management (ITAM) services that help C-level executives and their organizations solve critical business issues by enabling them to more effectively assess, manage, monitor and optimize their technology investments. TekMethods’ management and staff are ITAM pioneers, leaders and experts with the specialized knowledge organizations need to mitigate the risks and avoid the costs and delays associated with critical business issues such as non-compliance, inaccurate IT budgeting and poorly monitored software license management. TekMethods’ clients include Dell Corporation, Cadbury Schweppes, Sanofi-Aventis, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Partners HealthCare System, Inc.or more information, visit www.tekmethods.com