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For Immediate Release (February 17, 2004):

Contact: Alison Schirone
Phone: 781-293-9522

TekMethods, LLC Joins 20th Century Fox to Produce IT Asset Management Solution

(Tampa, FL, USA) Tampa, Florida-based TekMethods, LLC announced the conclusion of an IT Asset Management (ITAM) engagement with 20th Century Fox, known globally for the production of movies, television, and other entertainment. Fox had a need to link their Los Angeles location with 15 other locations in North America in an effort to collect and account for its IT assets. TekMethods assisted 20th Century Fox by taking a baseline inventory of IT assets for nearly 3000 users, then installed and configured an inventory application designed for ongoing data collection. Additionally, TekMethods assisted by creating an ongoing process, using handheld scanners and barcode technology, to account for and track all incoming and outgoing IT assets on location at 20th Century Fox.

According to Lori Sechio, CEO and principal of TekMethods, "We love working with companies, public sector, and government agencies to craft consistent, reliable, and cost-effective mechanisms to manage IT assets. At Fox, TekMethods was able to get in on the ground floor to devise an implementation plan for tracking and accounting of hardware, software, and other television and movie production assets owned or operated by 20th Century Fox. It's always exciting to work with an organization that is as well-recognized as Fox."

TekMethods, LLC is an IT Asset Management company, specializing in assisting organizations by assessing their technology management needs, providing tools and implementation expertise for managing the inventory, configuration, and contractuals governing the assets, as well as the eventual disposal of mature technology assets. IT Asset Management is a needed resource for financial, purchasing, and IT departments of regional and global organizations as they seek efficiency and profitability.

TekMethods, LLC partnered with Unisys, Intuit, Ventana Software, and Brazos Technology in the completion of this engagement for 20th Century Fox.