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About TekMethods
TekMethods likes to share news about our company, the IT industry, and our partners and clients. We welcome your feedback. Email us at  ContactUs@TekMethods.com

For Immediate Release (October 24, 2006):
TekMethodís CEO Lori Sechio featured in Insurance Networking News.

For Immediate Release (September 12,2006):
TekMethods Launches IT Asset Management Solution Dictionary

For Immediate Release (July 18, 2006):
TekMethods Steps Up Focus on IT Asset Management in Support of Business Continuity Planning

For Immediate Release (June 13, 2006):
TekMethods CEO to Speak at the 2006 HP Software Forum

For Immediate Release (June 7, 2006):
TekMethods Research Reveals Majority of Companies at Risk of Sarbanes-Oxley Non-Compliance Due to Inaccurate Assessment of IT Assets

For Immediate Release (April 24, 2006):
TekMethods Receives Womenís Business Enterprise National Council Certification

For Immediate Release (April 4, 2006):
TekMethods, LLC Releases White Paper on Software Asset Management

For Immediate Release (March 21, 2006):
TekMethods, LLC Releases Top 10 Tips for Successful ITAM Programs

TekMethods' CEO Lori Sechio Featured on CIOupdate.com:
Click here to view the article or download the PDF version here.

For Immediate Release (February 22, 2006):
TekMethods, LLC Reports Record Growth as More Organizations Turn to IT Asset Management to Address Critical Business Challenges

For Immediate Release (January 11, 2005):
TekMethods, LLC Completes Engagement in Hillsborough County, FL

TekMethods, LLC Joins 20th Century Fox to Produce IT Asset Management Solution

For Immediate Release (June 6, 2003 ):
TekMethods, LLC Announces Women/Minority Business Status and Certification