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At TekMethods, we have selected and developed our team to match our company philosophy. The TekMethods name and accompanying helix logo were carefully crafted to depict our unique business approach and quality implementation practices.

The name TekMethods represents two key components of IT Asset Management. Tek underscores the importance of the technology tools we use, and the expertise required to apply them to the highly specialized world of managing technology assets. Methods describes the best practices methodologies we use in the creation of a successful implementation and long term solution.

Our name, coupled with the helix logo, combines to form our corporate brand. A scientific symbol, the helix represents a single strand of DNA, every strand different in make-up and character than the next. We chose DNA as part of our identity as it represents the ever-changing and constantly evolving nature of infrastructure. Changing a single strand of DNA can significantly alter an organism. Similarly, altering any component of your IT infrastructure may impact the enterprise and its ability to manage the diverse hardware and software required in today?s distributed environments.

When you work at TekMethods, you subscribe to the characteristics of our company brand. Meet some of our team who work to uphold our corporate philosophy. Feel free to contact them with questions or comments at any time.

Lori Sechio, Founder and CEO

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