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TekMethods can provide an IT Asset Management solution for a company of any size, in any geographic location, and in any business discipline. Within each organization, we often work with employees and managers from one or more business units. Here is a sample of our core customers:

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IT Managers, MIS Directors, Asset Managers
Facilities Planners
Purchasing Agents, Contract & Lease Managers
Help Desk Managers
Business Continuity Planners
Technology Outsourcers

I’m a CEO, CIO, or CFO
You care about strategic organizational objectives, like business planning, the future of your technology assets, and cutting costs and saving money. An IT Asset Management program is the first step in helping you get your arms around your company’s strategic direction.

For example, you know your company is slated to grow over the next 5 years. That means you’ll need more people, more locations, and more equipment to keep your business expansion on track. And, if your company’s stock is publicly traded, your signature is required to ensure you are accurately accounting for the organization’s books. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much hardware and software you already have, and where it is, before you expand? If you have access to this necessary intelligence, it could result in cost savings when you and your team negotiate the purchase and roll out of any new IT assets needed to fulfill your short-term growth.

Would you like to know more? Would you like to see how your company can be more efficient? Call us at 813-249-5674 or email us at ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m an IT Manager, MIS Director, or Asset Manager
You care about your organization’s infrastructure, hardware and software purchases, core processing, and keeping it all running efficiently. Saying you’re busy is an understatement. An IT Asset Management program is the first step to operational efficiency, budget management, and planning for the future of your domain.

For example, you’ll be adding a new element to your core processing system. That means all your employees need a hardware upgrade, software installations, and training. It’s a big undertaking, made more complicated since your company acquired numerous new locations throughout the United States. Wouldn’t it be easier to start this project if you knew exactly what was running on every desktop in every location? It would certainly help you negotiate a better price when you negotiate your hardware and software purchases. It would help you schedule your staff in preparation for the rollout of the new system. It would even help the training department as they scheduled upcoming educational sessions for staff.

Want to be efficient with your time, planning, budgeting, and operations? We’re sure we can help. We’ll tell you more and help you get started.
Call us at 813-249-5674 or email us at ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m a Facilities Planner
You care about details. When new employees arrive for their first day, your company is expanding to new headquarters, or someone reorganizes a department, you get called on to create a plan to accommodate your internal customers. Flexibility is your mantra but you care about the facts: where people will sit, what equipment they’ll use, and how much you can save if ordering in bulk. An IT Asset Management program will help you with your long range planning and short term solutions.

For example, your company’s plan for growth includes buying new corporate offices and purchasing a 50-location business. Let’s face it, before expansion you may not even be sure who sits where, what equipment they use, or where the copy machines are for the company. Building out new office space and adding numerous new locations, each with their own set of unique needs, may seem daunting. With an IT Asset Management program in place, you would be able to plan everything necessary for a successful move, including space planning and equipment purchases, and do it all on time and budget.

Want to help your company grow, save money, and stay organized every step of the way? Having an IT Asset Management program can help. We’ll tell you more when you call us at 813-249-5674 or email ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m a Purchasing Agent or Contract/Lease Manager
You get called in when it’s time to buy something for your company or when phenomenal negotiation skills are required. You have tight deadlines, work with numerous vendors, and are trying to contribute to the bottom line. An IT Asset Management program is the first step to solving your typical, daily problems.

For example, your company recently acquired a competitor company and realized it needs hundreds of new pieces of software, hardware, and other equipment to get all employees operating on the same systems. If you were easily able to determine the hardware and software you presently own, you would have your work cut out for you. With an IT Asset Management system, a few simple key strokes would allow you to know everything about your IT Assets; when you bought them, which employees have them, and whether they are purchased or leased.

We want your company to grow, save money, and have a lifecycle management system for all your assets. Having an IT Asset Management program can help. We’ll help you get there when you call us at 813-249-5674 or email ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m a Help Desk Manager
Your biggest challenge is keeping the end-user community happy and productive. Sometimes it’s easy and routine, other times the problems just don’t end. An IT Asset Management program can significantly reduce problem resolution time, provide better reporting, and save human resources time and money.

For example, your company just spent an entire weekend upgrading hundreds of employees to a new software application. It’s Monday morning and the troops arrive. Machines get turned on and there’s a bug in the system. Phones are ringing off the hooks, your help desk is trying to respond. They take charge by diagnosing a universal problem, but all your users require a patch to their systems in order to stay productive. Sounds easy enough to remedy, but you’re not even sure who needs the patch, let alone where they’re located, or what hardware they’re running. If you had an enterprise wide IT Asset Management program, you and your organization would always know every machine’s exact location, what hardware and software configurations are in place, and options to electronically disseminate your fix. That’s a welcome greeting to any Monday morning.

You can understand problems, schedule work more efficiently, and save your organization money with an IT Asset Management program. We’re always happy to tell you more. Call us at 813-249-5674 or email ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m a Business Continuity Planner
Chances are, if you have this job you specialize in disasters. You spend your time planning for the worst-case scenario, and then developing logical steps of action to remedy them in the event they actually occur. An IT Asset Management program will cut your planning time in half and ease your recovery in the event of an emergency.

For example, several counties in the State of Florida see a hurricane looming that could possibly force businesses to close from 1 day to 1 week. Your latest project is continuity planning for a large area hospital in the event of a natural disaster or some other business-altering emergency. Your plan calls for all essential personnel to report to work and operate from a designated emergency shelter in the hospital. When you start to prepare the essential employee list, you discover the inaccuracies of human resources information, designated department locations, and inequities in hardware and software configurations. If it were this hard just finding employees and knowing what they do on a good day, how difficult would it be to deploy them in an emergency? If your company had an IT Asset Management program in place, you would be on your way to developing an integrated business continuity plan that would be flawless in the event it was initiated.

You can rest easy while you plan for the worst-case scenario if you have an IT Asset Management program in place. We’ll tell you all you need to know to get it started. Call us at 813-249-5674 or email ContactUs@TekMethods.com.

I’m a Technology Outsourcer
You either work for a technology outsourcer or you are one yourself. You could be processing information for another company, acting as their IT support function, maybe even setting up their WAN or LAN. Whatever type of technology outsourcing you provide, you could make an IT Asset Management program part of your client’s service offering. It would arm you and your client with powerful data on the computing platform, creating efficiencies and cost-savings every step of the way.

For example, you are about to start an IT support services engagement for a growing company. They are expanding overseas and need help keeping costs contained. They believe they own a great deal of equipment that can be transferred to their new venues. Because you implemented an IT Asset Management program, the company has a repository of asset data complete with configuration autodiscovery. They know what assets they have and where they are. Now the client can contain costs by reallocating equipment from one location to another. And the asset data is available in an ongoing capacity for your client and support staff as they face their next challenge.

Want to be the resource your clients trust and continue to turn to for their next RFP? Include an IT Asset Management program as part of their next plan as you cultivate your existing relationship and provide your client with greater operational efficiency and cost savings for their future. We’ll help you position IT Asset Management for resale. Call us at 813-249-5674 or email ContactUs@TekMethods.com.